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Policing Budget

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I’ve been blogging for a while now and I haven’t really introduced myself, as a result of which I was mistaken for a Tory in a recent post! To ensure this doesn’t happen again I’ll give some background on myself. I am a Christian. I am a grassroots DUP member, but I work outside of politics for a small manufacturing firm. I am a member of the Loyal Orders, I would consider myself to be a pragmatist and as well as being a Unionist my economic politics are supportive of the free market.

Gordon Brown will tomorrow publish a proposed budget for the devolution of Policing and Justice. The anticipated £800 million he will lay out hasn’t happened by accident, but is the result of the DUP’s usual strategy of taking their time to get the right proposals instead of rushing into the wrong ones. A process which isn’t complete where Policing and Justice is concerned!

More below the fold.

It is still vital to make sure that the government is committed to providing sufficent funds for a quality police service in the longer-term, i.e. it must be ensured that hard-won gains can’t be grabbed away by a future Tory government. Moreover, a wider discussion should now take place within the community, which is where the success of any move will ultimately be determined.

Personally speaking, I believe that we are close to the right deal on Policing and Justice.  What is on the table today bears no resemblance to what Sinn Fein will originally have had in mind when the first pushed for getting Policing and Justice devolved.  I believe the safe-guards included are sufficent to ensure that Sinn Fein will not occupy the post any time in the foreseeable future, indeed not in a generation, to coin a phrase.  Unionists should recognise this success and not attempt to grab defeat out of the jaws of victory.


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