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What’s Positive About it?

David Cameron has suggested today that the Tory Party may resort to “positive discrimination,” in the form of all-female shortlists in some constituencies; to help some of the girls get in.

So, from a man who believes so much in making Parliament representative, that he has given us a shadow cabinet with 17 public schoolboys. We now have the idea that the best way to demonstrate that women are just as capable as men is for Davy to give the girls an ‘easy-up’ onto the first level of Westminster politics. Chivalrous this may be, but helpful to women? Hardly.
Any credible female Tory, with serious ambitions, will avoid these all-female shortlists like the plague!

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[picapp src=”4/9/8/e/David_Cameron_Gives_ad48.jpg?adImageId=6256003&imageId=6751278″ width=”500″ height=”262″ /]

    Davy’s going to close the gender gap

After getting co-opted into Parliament these “easy-up” girls are going to want to move onto the next level, entering committees and eventually the cabinet, how will their credibility stack up against their counterparts who have had to fight for their seats? Or will they get an “easy-up” at that stage too?

Surely the Conservative Party who gave this country it’s first, and to date only, women Prime Minister ought to know better? Margaret Thatcher didn’t get a wee foot up from anyone, she fought for her position and she earned it, because she was good enough for the job. As a result she could eyeball any opponent inside her party or out, just ask Michael Heseltine and Arthur Scargill, who both knew what it meant to contend with a politician who was there on merit and not to make up some kind of XX chromosomal quota!


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