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Controversy Creates Free Publicity for BNP

After what seems like weeks of fuss the BBC are now considering, a last minute change of mind over letting the BNP appear on Thursday’s Question Time.

This would be a very foolish move, and even the rumour of it creates free publicity for the BNP giving them another opportunity to play the injured party. The BNP are a small party with limited support, 6.2% on a 34% turnout at the European Election is nothing to get excited over, especially considering the perfect storm the European election was for the mainstream parties. It would seem, however, that some people are intent on turning the BNP into some kind of martyrs for free speech.

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The BNP; they're not big and they're not that clever

The BNP; they're not big and they're not that clever

The above image of Liverpool BNP earlier this year illustrates a certain amount about the intellectual abilities of the BNP. This party will wither in a proper political debate, but instead of challenging them head-on in democratic debate, many seem intent on trying to use censorship to beat them. This is madness. The core of the BNP’s message is that the system is broken (mostly because of people who are different from they are,) and that they’re the party to change it.

The way to beat them is to dismantle their arguments in honest debate. All the anti-BNP craziness that there has been in recent times is allowing them to play the victim card. It is right to be concerned about the BNP’s electoral gains, but Britain does not have a far-right problem! Compared to other European countries Britain’s far-right is pitifully small, their recent success in a mid-term election which was a nightmare for the mainstream parties doesn’t change that. We, the mainstream, are supposed to be on the side of democracy, let’s not use anti-democratic measures against the BNP and in the process give them the right to play the victims.

Comparisons with Jean-Marie Le Pen in France, by some, are not realistic, Le Pen is a relatively charismatic convincing politician, Nick Griffin isn’t!


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  1. Alwyn ap Huw says:

    It appears to me that opponents of the BNP have shot ourselves in the foot on this occasion.

    I have seen or heard at least 6 TV /radio programmes in the last 48 hours, discussing the ban, and the newspapers and blogs are full of comments on the subject. This has given the party a huge amount of publicity which it would not have got if opponents had just accepted the BBC’s judgement that in the interest of impartiality all elected parties have to have, at least, very occasional access to discussion programmes such as Question time or Any Questions.

    What’s worse is that almost all the coverage has been on the BNP’s favoured ground of discussing the party’s right to have an opinion rather than on the validity of the opinions that it holds. This has been a good week for the BNP – a good week delivered by their most vociferous opponents. I hope that we learn from our mistakes!

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