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Unionists unite for ‘Ulster Covenant’ commemorations…

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Anyone remember Dr Ian Adamson (former MLA & presently Belfast City councillor)?

Ian took to the stage at about 3 o’clock on Saturday to talk about something called the ‘Grand Centenary Committee’. This committee, in the words of Ian Adamson, will ‘promote the ideals of unionist unity’.

Great – so what is it?

The centenary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant is coming up in 2012. If I understand this correctly, the UUP holds the sole legal entitlement to all archive materials in the Public Records Office relating to the Convention. So in order to ensure all sections of the Unionist community can benefit from this archive, and to promote widest possible understanding / engagement etc, the UUP has invited major organisations within the Unionist community (DUP, TUV, PUP, OO, Ind OO, Apprentice Boys of Derry etc etc etc etc) to send representatives to a Grand Centenary Committee.

David Campbell said that this committee would endeavour to teach young people about their heritage and to show how the values which shaped the 1912 covenant are relevant to today.

I’ll be inviting some comment on the make up and remit of this committee – goals, objectives, scheme of work etc. Unionist confidence, and lack of, has ever been with us. This committee in addition to educating about the past holds the potential to promote self-confidence, harmony and mutual understanding amongst people (who may otherwise discuss only their antipathies to one another).

There is great potential in this committee. How can it maximise its potential? I’ll be posting up more on this at a later date…


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3 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    I would agree with this in principle but the UUP needs to be a little more open to reality about this.

    However Ian commands respect from both the DUP and UUP but he could be commanded to from the top down.

  2. bobballs says:

    Opening their archives to all stakeholders within the Unionist family is a good move.

    The full spectrum of opinion is being addressed on the committee to my eye, but you imply some criticism… how are the UUP not being fully open to reality? What are they not doing?

    You’re suggesting the UUP might manipulate this to suit themselves. If that was their motive, they might have done better to proceed without the committee. The UUP are looking for partners from all other political parties (… the personnel from which are all susceptible to being commanded from the top down). I think this move will build trust generally – so I hope it works.

    How would you improve on this concept?

  3. thedissenter says:

    I am aware of the availability of some unique Ulster Hall Covenant memorabilia that may coming onto the market. If anyone knows of a collector who would be interested let me know.

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