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Guest Blog 3: UUP are a ‘sell out’… but in a good way

By Harry HamiltonProspective UUP general election candidate

It’s funny how humour can make a point in one sentence that it would normally take a hundred words to convey.

UUP South Belfast member Bill White made a very acute observation on Saturday at the UUP party conference. He joked that the UUP were a “sell out”… in reference to how the Party can more than fill out set piece events. In truth it was standing room only – you’ve got to leave for these things earlier and earlier nowadays if you want to be assured of getting a seat.

This year’s VIP speaker was William Hague. His presence confirmed the importance of the UUP to the inclusive union the Conservative party seek to promote. Last weekend was also my first time speaking to conference – and despite the fact that I’ve had the good fortune to address many thousands of people over recent years, I was surprised just how nervous I felt. This time I was performing my own words, no 10,000 watts of sound, flashing lights or costume changes to back me up – no just me and my thoughts exposed to the waiting throng.

I said that the “the reality-denying Prime Minister seems to believe a billon a day will keep the recession away”, adding:

“When Gordon Brown was the chancellor he told us that he had abolished boom and bust. Well I think that when Gordon was chancellor he must have fallen asleep at the wheel. For he has driven the country into the biggest financial car crash in over 60 years. The result being that here we lie in the emergency room, on the life support system of borrowing on an unsustainable scale.

“While tax revenue has flat lined, we are being drip feed platitudes instead of sound judgement. Not only are we haemorrhaging capitol, the life blood of any economy, but we are also haemorrhaging jobs, skills and most importantly haemorrhaging fiscal credibility.”

The next General election will offer the people of Northern Ireland the opportunity to vote directly for a party of Government. Never before has the franchise of the voters of NI been so pure. We will be plugged into the main body politic of the United Kingdom, and I for one am excited by that prospect.


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  1. Great blog, I hope you get selected Harry

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