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New Bing search engine and the DUP…

Bing is Microsoft’s new search engine and it looks pretty good. Really sleek. Though, if you’re a DUP activist, it may not be your search engine of choice.

We thought we’d try out its search results with some local news. As the DUP had their conference on Saturday we inserted the simple search string:


We got this back.

The most religiously fundamentalist of all the Unionist parties and the leading party opposed to the Good Friday Agreement. Supports the devolution of power to Stormont. Site …


    Well, is it? Are the DUP the most religiously fundamentalist? And why is that description prioritised like this?

    Not sure where this summary came from. But isn’t that language a bit pejorative / stigmatising? After all, fundamentalist is hardly a word any Western democrat would crave in this day and age. Would the DUP be happy that a major search engine immediately signposts them as ‘fundamentalist’?

    Curious one this. I just wonder what the official explanation might be…


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    4 Responses

    1. Chekov says:

      Certainly no longer anti Agreement. They have accepted it after tweaking it for the worse.

    2. fair_deal says:

      This used to be the google description until a few months back

    3. fair_deal says:

      BTW why the zero coverage of the DUP conference?

    4. bobballs says:

      Apologies. Zero coverage will be transformed to mucho coverage by end of play this evening.

      Not enough hours in the day. Bear with me…

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