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DUP asked to join Celtic Bloc?

Apparently the SNP are hoping to form a “bloc’ of smaller N.Irish, Scottish and Welsh  parties in the next parliament. The aim, of course,  is that in event of a hung parliament they will be in the position of Kingmakers and will be able to push for preferential treatment for their own parts of the United Kingdom.

The DUP are to be, or already have been, approached to the join the grouping.


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2 Responses

  1. St Etienne says:

    Confirmation of the Ulster nationalist depiction of the DUP elsewhere in the Kingdom?

  2. slug says:

    I think its actually not a bad idea for the DUP-it could well be good for Wales Scotland and NI for such a group to develop. If it focuses on economic and other shared interests such as transport to the ce;tic nations of the UK.

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