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Best of the Web

By Geoff McGimpsey

It was a bit of a pick’n’mix this week from the bloggers –numerous stories on a variety of subjects.

Northern Ireland’s constitutional status is up for grabs according to a Belfast Telegraph poll. Apparently 25% of Protestants think there will be a united Ireland by 2021. Hand of History was sceptical, and pointed out that none of this ‘takes into account whether or not the Republic of Ireland want us’. Yes, I do wonder whether NAMA would be overly thrilled.

Talking of the Belfast Telegraph, over at Sluggerotoole Brian Walker reckons ex-KGB agent Alexander Lebedev has helped himself to the newspaper (as part of his deal to buy Independent News & Media). All this talk about the KGB persuades Brian to do a bit of conspiracy-spotting himself: ‘Meanwhile the rest of the Belfast media stays silent. Cowed perhaps by the freemasonry of their own nervous owners?’ Erm, well-spotted Brian.

The UCUNF plot thickens according to new blog Ultonia (by News Letter columnist Lee Reynolds). Every time an abstentionist Sinn Fein MP is returned at this general election it cuts the total number of MPs needed to form a majority. Ultonia questions the Tory Party’s unionist credentials and asks whether ‘a Sinn Fein MP [is] as good as a Tory for Cameron?’

Suspicion also seems to cloud the mind of @basilmccrea. This week he tweeted: i am now leaving the blue skies of Ulster for the slightly greyer skies of the Irish Republic.

Has he uncovered a new Hillsborough side-deal? More concessions? Thankfully no, this merely turned out to be an observation about geography. The UUP MLA was driving to Dublin for a flight to St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Washington. Happy trails Basil.

They say all politics is local, and so it is on twitter. Even as the BBC were posting up their Schools’ Cup match report, @duponline issued congrats to Ballymena Academy and revealed that North Antrim candidate Ian Paisley Jnr ‘is celebrating with the team at Ravenhill today’. Lucky boys.

A couple of hours later and the UUP’s candidate @RobinKells (Swann) tweeted off his congrats. But wait, no @JimAllister? Alas, TUV candidate Jim limped in with tardy high-fives at about 10.30pm… long after the team had finished revelling with Junior and no doubt safely tucked up in bed. But good to see the main candidates were on the ball for the big local story.

And finally Professor Billy McWilliams at 1690an’allthat shows off how modern the hamely tongue can be. Most people have heard of Google, but why not try the leading Ulster Scots search engine? It’s name… ‘Hoke Oot!’ Well, of course it is.


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  1. _d_a_v_e_ says:

    I’m wondering what Professor Billy McWilliams is professing? 🙂

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