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Sir Reg to run in South Antrim?

Hand of History, an impeccable source on these matters, is reporting that Sir Reg Empey is to go forward as candidate for South Antrim. It’s a bold move. This at least will go some way towards superceding the otherwise negative stories emerging from the constituency.

How strong are Reg’s chances of capturing the seat from McCrea?


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6 Responses

  1. slug says:

    Strong chances. With David Ford not standing , UCUNF will pick up voters who will like to see Rev McCrea replaced with someone they see as better. With the TUV standing, the DUP will lose votes. So the chances are good-in my opinion this is the UCUNF’s most likely gain.

  2. st etienne says:

    uncharacteristically hands on. I like it.

  3. The Watchman says:

    Ashcroft taught the Tories that to gain marginal seats you need to have a candidate working the patch for months even years in advance. Empey is turning up with only 4 weeks to D Day, without ever having had his name on any local ballot in 35 years if electedpolitics, with the local Mayor humiliated by Cameron on account of not being sufficiently PC, with the local party deeply split, facing a veteran well used to close contests. And don’t forget that in 2007 the DUP built on its 2005 win and outpolled the UUP by 5000 votes, even allowing for boundary changes. Yes Empey COULD win if he got everything going for him: a strong TUV vote, McCrea being much weaker than expected, a sudden DUP scandal, etc. But there seems too many very good reasons why he is more likely to lose. It’s a sign of his party’s proximity to the abyss, despite the Robinson family’s efforts to give it a way back, that he has to do this. And all so he can swap a ministerial car for the Bmi shuttle tedium.

  4. slug says:

    As a South Antrim man I very much hope he will use Aer Lingus.

  5. Ivor says:

    I think he is in with a serious chance of winning.

  6. st etienne says:

    The Watchman – I think with all that you’ve said taken into account, the fact Empey is still regarded as having a solid chance is perhaps testament to how narrow a candidate McCrea is.

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