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TUV Platform: Go East!

A  number of candidates have been invited to put forward personal manifestos for the coming election. First up, David Vance of the TUV who’s standing in East Belfast. He states below that, as the TUV are neither hostages to David Cameron nor little Ulster Nationalists, they offer a “fresh, new vision” for the constituency…

In 1979, Peter Robinson narrowly won the Westminster seat of East Belfast from Bill Craig by claiming that time had run out for “political weaklings.” Thirty years later, in power as long as Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Mr Robinson now seeks another five years. I come to East Belfast to say that time is up for Mr Robinson and to borrow his own term, to insist that there will be no more political weaklings representing the unionist people of this constituency!

TUV offers a fresh new vision for East Belfast and it come down to five key points of difference;

  1. I offer the people full time representation at Westminster. Mr Robinson has failed to be present for 2/3rds of all votes, this is not representation of the people. This is a shameful record which means that the voice of East Belfast is silent most of the time at Westminster. I aim to be a clear and present voice, unafraid to speak up for the people on a wide range of issues.
  2. I offer a fresh energetic approach to getting JOBS into East Belfast. As an entrepreneur myself, I know what it is like to create new jobs, to innovate, to develop industry and commerce. East Belfast desperately needs sustained lasting economic regeneration and I am better placed than any other candidate to do this.
  3. I offer a resolute and principled unionism and am the ONLY Unionist candidate standing that rejects mandatory power-sharing with the Bogside Butcher and his associates. If voters share my sincere view that nothing that is morally wrong can be politically right then voting TUV is their only viable choice.
  4. I reject all the scandal over expenses and property development which has so brought politics in East Belfast into such profound disrepute. A £5 says that if elected, I will bring total transparency to all property development issues and ensure that the local people determine what happens. I do not know any property developers willing to gift me £25,000 and will keep it that way. I also believe that an MP’s expenses should be open for all to see.
  5. I seek to make East Belfast a shining example of what can happen when an MP recognises that he is there to serve the people and totally commits himself to vigorously working for his constituents 24/7, as opposed to working for fat cat vested interests.

TUV is all about bringing real change, not phony promises. We are not hostages to David Cameron’s insipid conservatism, nor are we the little Ulster Nationalists led by Push-Over Peter. We are dynamic, offering a wide range of innovative policy ideas on national as well as local issues, and above all else, seeking that the people of Northern Ireland enjoy the same standard of democracy as that enjoyed elsewhere in the United Kingdom.


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15 Responses

  1. manuel says:

    …they offer nothing but homophobia, racism, sectarianism and the past…. *moderated*

  2. Blog Administrator says:

    Sorry Manuel – appreciate your comment but i moderated the last bit. You’re entitled of course to your view on the TUV, but the other stuff was off topic/personal.

  3. DAVID VANCE says:


    I remember Fawlty saying it be would be cheaper to train an ape than you. Based on the ludicrous allegations you make, I dare say Basil was right.

    • David Sr. says:

      You do realise that there is a former BNP member, that has been a member of the Belfast Branch of the TUV (which is a branch that you are a member also) for over two years. I know you are a johnny-come-lately to the TUV, but surely you are aware of this information already!

  4. Simply enquiring says:

    This is a step backwards not forwards. David Vance has no new ideas on bringing jobs to East Belfast, if he did he’d be telling us, and so would the TUV. Will they be jobs for unionists only? Will he represent the people of short strand or will they like the people of the shankill road become invisible? Isn’t this another west Belfast being replicated in another constituency?

    I’m really interested in this jobs aspect of things. Lets see what you’ve got or will it be a case of getting in and telling us the economic climate is bad and so is business.

    Why should anyone vote for a blow in who has never had an interest in the constituency before taking an opportunity to gain himself £65k?

  5. DAVID VANCE says:

    Simply Enquiring

    As an entrepreneur who was created jobs, I suggest I know a lot more than you suggest. Jobs are not based on religion, they are based on competency. I have recorded a vlog on this for my website if you care to visit it.

    The economic climate IS bad, that’s why EB has suffered so much. But that does not mean an active MP goes out and talk to local business people local entrepreneurs, lobbies for effective external investment, seeks to talk to mutllinational, national and regional chains to flag up all that is GOOD in the workers of EB.

    My track record is all about creating employment, making things work. I am up against a solicitor and a friend of property developers. You choose.

    And as for your last comment, I think that’s pretty poor. In all fairness, being an MP will mean I take a reduction in salary so spare me your nonsense about the 65k. And if I am “a blow -in” – even though I have lived in EB, have a word with Nigel Dodds, will you? And then I hope you have been consistently attacking Ian Paisley Snr? And Willie McCrea? And Gregory Campbell. And David Trimble. Need I say more?

    Stick to the economic and I will debate, go off at a tangent and I will ignore.

  6. Anon says:


    Do you agree with your party colleagues that Torrens Knight should be released from prison and that the police are the Gestapo?

    Just askin’ like….

  7. DAVID VANCE says:


    Seeing as you lack the basic courage to put your name to your question and seeing as how it has nothing to do with my article, I dismiss your nonsense for what it is.

  8. Anon says:

    So you do agree or you don’t?

  9. Superblast! says:

    Mr Vance, your continuous refusal to comment on the Torrens Knight issue and why the TUV don’t consider it a sackable offence will not do you any favours come election day. So it’s nonsense that people should be offended by your fellow party member’s claim that a convicted murderer “never was a real bad person, but the Troubles in Northern Ireland provoked many a young man to do things that they wouldn’t have done in normal circumstances”? Funny, I’m certain that flies in the face of a certain party’s policy on Sinn Fein…

    If you really stand by your policy of not appeasing terrorists then why do you consistently try to avoid giving an answer? Time to put up or step down. No attacks on people asking you. No “but look at what the IRA did” – claiming other people were worse doesn’t make something right. It’s time you told us EXACTLY what your view on this is, because right now no one has any reason to believe that you aren’t simply trying to discriminate against nationalists.

  10. DAVID VANCE says:


    Love the way you entirely ignore the content of my article and intend trot out tedious nonsense. It’s the DUP in power with the IRA, it’s the DUP who broke their promises, it’s Peter Robinson who is the arch-hypocrite and best of all, the voters know it. Little DUP PATHETIC diversions mean nothing to me. TUV opposes terrorists in government, the only unionist party that takes this line.

  11. Superblast! says:

    So in response to my comment about how your constant handwaving of a very serious issue as “nonsense” makes your anti-terrorist line look simply like discrimination against nationalists, and how trying to shift focus by claiming others did worse doesn’t make something morally right, you have, um, dismissed my comment as nonsense and claimed that others have done worse.

    As an East Belfast voter I’ll be sure to remember this when I receive my ballot. After all, sectarianism is morally wrong. And since nothing that’s morally wrong can be politically right…

  12. Sam Thompson says:


    Your attitude in your responses is one of the main reasons why young people like me could not consider voting for your party. Anyone who challenges you is dismissed in an arrogant and abrasive fashion, and the same goes for your party leader. By all means make your arguments, but a little less aggression and a little more humility would serve you much better. The DUP will pay for their arrogance and self-serving attitude, but voters will not switch to a party that is as friendly as a hungry and rabid dog that hasn’t seen meat in a week.


  13. NRG says:

    I would have thought that the Swish Family Robinson and the Poisoned Parsley in North Down would be much better targets.

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