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Tom Elliott has launched his bid for the leadership of the UUP. Here’s an article he wrote for the News Letter this week, plus links to his webpage and to Mike Nesbitt’s blog (who seems to be the media operator behind Tom’s campaign). I’ve asked for a copy of his launch speech and I’ll post that up here asap.

Basil McCrea has also launched his leadership bid. Here’s the BBC report (with video) on his launch, the News Letter’s splash on his candidacy and another piece from the News Letter taking views from his supporters. Is he planning a media set piece? If he does a press conference, I’ll post speeches etc.

How should each candidate position themselves? What does the UUP need in from its next leader? Here’s the Belfast Telegraph’s take.

I’ve asked supporters of both Elliott and McCrea to submit short posts as to why they think their man deserves the top job. I’ll post those up asap.

As a concluding comment, both campaigns are now underway but I am finding it difficult to get my hands on content (launch materials / text / pics / video / audio). As far as I can see, Basil hasn’t tweeted in 41 days or updated his personal webpage in 10 months.  The news section on Tom’s website hasn’t caught up with the fact that Tom is a leadership contender. On the other hand, both Basil and Tom are making good use of Facebook.

It’s early days – but as soon as other stuff appears I’ll signpost it here.

PS. There was talk of a ‘third man‘. But after a bit of checking up today, I suspect the ‘third man’ is in fact the ‘invisible man’. Nothing substantial uncovered as yet, though I’ll post up if anyone materialises.

PPS. Apologies to Tom. As Fair Deal rightly points out in the comments section, Tom is of course constrained by OCA rules over what he can put on his website. Apologies.


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3 Responses

  1. fair_deal says:

    “The news section on Tom’s website hasn’t caught up with the fact that Tom is a leadership contender.”

    Surely what can be placed on Tom’s Assembly site is limited by OCA rules?

  2. bobballs says:

    Thanks FD. Completely right, I made the change. In my defence, it was 3am when I made the original post?? (Though that’s not much of a defence I grant you…)

  3. Thank you very much for consolidating these links. I’ve posted my reaction here.

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