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‘Best of the Web’

This article first appeared in the News Letter on Friday October 1…

By Geoff McGimpsey

So the UUP have a new leader – Tom and the Party now need profile. But how?

Thankfully, Professor Billy McWilliams from 1690 an’ all thon is on hand to suggest that Mike Nesbitt “make a reality programme featurin’ tap Unionists, fur the moment Ah am gien’ this pilot the name Celebrity Come Whine wi’ Me.”

What a pitch! In your own time Mike…

On to the Labour leadership contest where Jeff Peel’s Diary blogged: “I know this is childish and rather barrel-scraping, but is it me or does Ed bear a striking resemblance to Gromit from Wallace and Gromit fame?”

Well, there is a sort of careworn, canine floppiness about Ed. But I’d need to see him holding up a copy of ‘Electronics for Dogs’ before I pass final judgment.

Over at the Stakeholder PR blog, Tom Kelly is urging Gromit to stand up to the Looney Left. Then on a more encouraging note, he added: “Unlike some, at least he doesn’t owe his victory to anti-GAA, gay-bashing, blue-rinsed rural Clampetts – which is a relief.”

What’s he tryin’ to say like?

Equally forthright is David Vance who’s struck by the image of Sinn Fein protesting against financial cuts. Making some cuts of its own, A Tangled Web blogged: “I suppose it’s better that they [Sinn Fein] are out protesting on the streets rather than detonating their bombs on the same streets that they ruined for decades.”

Well, quite.

Elsewhere, Alan In Belfast is pushing the envelope with one particularly high-performance metaphor. Remarking on John Kyle’s performance as PUP leader, Alan said (wait for it!) he’s like “a pilot… stabilising the damaged PUP aeroplane and bringing it down to land in a controlled way at the Harbour Airport, ensuring that the passengers (communities and stakeholders that the party represent) were not abandoned, and minimising the damage should the party fragment in mid-air over East Belfast”.

Thanks for clearing that one up Alan. You’re grounded.

The prognosticatory powers of the Irish News are celebrated over at Ultonia. Reflecting on the origins of Ulster Day and the British Covenant, Lee noted that The Irish News had “dismissed the entire thing as a ‘farce’, ‘circus’ and ‘highly ludicrous’.”

Way to go Irish News! Heck, I wonder if they reckon the internet will catch on? Well, no. Three Thousand Versts noted that “the newspaper is only available online as a facsimile behind a paywall, so unless you have x-ray eyes and can read it off the demo-reader, a newsagent is the best place to pick up a copy”.

Far-sighted stuff.

And finally, self-hosted online media means there’s now little escape for anyone trying to avoid SDLP MLA Conall McDevitt broadcasting about himself. Just when you thought you’d avoided his blog, twitter, facebook, linkedin, flickr, twitpics and website… he’s found an app called ‘audioboo’ which allows him to record and publish his own voice. According to O’Conall Street:

“… [it] allows you to upload up to 30 minutes of audio and share. I think I’m the first MLA to give it a go… Let me know what you think.”

Thirty minutes?? Jeez. Let’s tell him what we think, though it’s less an audioboo and more of an audible boo. So altogether now: boo!


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  1. michaelhenry says:

    notice that you have not got the p.u.p in your political parties-will that change once the X cop takes over- not many uniounists crying over this link to terrorism- will david ervine’s brother make a difference- like heck.

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