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Open Unionism presentation from #picamp

Below is the presentation I gave at last weekend’s Political Innovation event. I thought it would be good to post it up here to give a flavour of how that discussion was led.

The basic premise was this – how can you generate, develop and transmit ideas from grassroots Unionism? can this blog become a more active facilitator? if so, how?

Gladys has a great round up of the seminar and asks some pertinent questions, chief among those is: how can Unionism move beyond traditional politics and broaden its vision? I hope commenters / contributors to this blog can help to address this.

More will follow on this… but in the first instance I’d be interested in any initial reactions to the presentation content? (I kept it blank and refused the temptation to clip art the whole thing and slap in some 3-D Venn diagrams. Eye candy it ain’t.) Leave comments below or email me directly about through the blog.

PS. Many thanks to Mick Fealty and Paul Evans for organising a great event and for giving me the opportunity to pitch! Incidentally, do submit any follow-up thoughts you may have on Saturday’s Picamp via this link.

PPS. Thanks to NICVA for being such great hosts… and for introducing me to the work of Dirty Stevie.


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2 Responses

  1. oneill says:

    Re: “How to become a player”, you seemed to have ignored the possibility of any of the parties being a driver in this.

    With the kind of hierarchical party structures we have here, how can ideas move beyond the e.g. pamphlet stage (as suggested by Owen)to having any kind of chance of becoming policy?

    Re: using online with other tools, most of the political think-tanks in the rest of the Uk make good selective use of opinion polls, public research dealing usually with narrowly defined questions. How feasible then is it to build up a representative online database of say, 1000 people (proportional to the DUP/UUP/TUV and most importantly “didn’t vote” percentages from the last election)? That database could serve as the testing ground for ideas and shifting opinions?

  2. […] event, but it gave people like Geoff McGimpsey a chance to build a quorum of interest around his very well attended session on building unionism from the bottom-up… by getting people to vote and comment on the ideas before take […]

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