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A round up of stories from blogs and MSM over the past day or so…

Parties fight to keep financial backers secret: (Belfast Telegraph) The DUP, UUP and SDLP have made clear they want ongoing confidentiality for donors to parties here. They have voiced security concerns if names of funders …

Elliott wants Tories to shut NI branch: (Irish Times) ULSTER UNIONIST Party leader Tom Elliott has demanded that the Conservative Party close its Northern Ireland branch as the price for an electoral alliance …

Ex UVF prisoner joins DUP: (Slugger O’Toole / Turgon) I believe that the message being set out by the DUP is one which unionists of all shades can unite behind, and indeed it is a message which resonates beyond just the unionist community to everyone who wishes to see a new and better …

UUP fury over NIE takeover: (Belfast Telegraph) A PROPOSED Irish takeover of Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) has been described as “outrageous” by the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party. …

DUP WELCOMES FORMER UVF TERRORIST: (David Vance) Last time I checked Jim was a member of the DUP when they were elevating Hugh Smyth to the position of Lord Mayor of Belfast when the UVF were stilling killing. Where was his indignation then or was it too politically inconvienient for …

UUP Conference: King Tom could do no wrong: (Belfast Telegraph) There’s a good old Elvis joke made at the expense of the Ulster Unionist Party. It dates back to the time when David Trimble was leader and Upper Bann MP. …

DUP veto on double jobbing billThe DUP has tabled a petition of concern to try and block a private member’s bill to ban double jobbing from becoming law.

UUP Conference: While Elliott ticked the boxes, chairman hit the nails on head: (Belfast Telegraph / Noel McAdam) Ulster Unionist leader Tom Elliott faces a number of crunch decisions following his weekend annual party conference. …

DUP accused over ‘double jobbing’: (Belfast Telegraph) The DUP has been accused of trying to block Assembly legislation aimed at ending “double jobbing”. The measure would have stopped MLAs holding council seats …

Farewell to Harry: ( Harry Hamilton has left the Ulster Unionist Party. I am not alone in being sorry to see him go. In fact, some senior figures in the Party went to great lengths to try to find an imaginative solution to keep him involved

Wilson backs budget deadline calls: (U.TV) The DUP is pressing for a swift resolution and Sinn Fein has said it will not be rushed into an early agreement. But the Finance Minister said he was at…

“A total shambles”: (BBC News blog) Not my assessment of the Ulster Unionist Party, but the view of their veteran Lisburn councillor Ronnie Crawford. Mr Crawford isn’t happy about the party’s


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