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Review of Tom Gallagher’s ‘The Illusion of Freedom – Scotland Under Nationalism’.

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Tom Gallagher is not by temperament or inclination a unionist. His book, ‘The Illusion of Freedom’, questions the effectiveness of the SNP’s leadership of Scottish nationalism, but does not reject, explicitly, the legitimacy of the party’s aim of independence.

The author is critical of the personality cult surrounding Alex Salmond, his party’s cronyism and clientelism, its confused economic policies, the Anglophobia associated with its chauvinist doctrines, but Gallagher treats as axiomatic the assumption that Scotland, as a nation, must enjoy a high degree of political self-expression in order to flourish.

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Independent Scotland: not ‘if’, but ‘when’…

Open Unionism invited leading Scottish blogger Scots Subrosa to reprise a recent post on own her site where she considered the issue of Scottish independence – and she warns that supporters of independence ‘will not be intimidated by unionist scaremongering’… (this post will be counterpointed later with a review of Tony Gallagher’s book ‘The Illusion of Freedom’)

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By Subrosa

This is part of a post I wrote for my own blog recently and I thought it may be of interest to those who wonder about Scotland and its future.

Often I am asked my opinion about independence for Scotland, be it ‘if it will happen’ or ‘when it will happen’.

My answer is yes it will happen and I live in the hope it will happen in my lifetime, assuming I live another 20 years.

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