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Why a NI Fianna Fail is a threat to cohesion…

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By St Etienne

Two years ago Fianna Fail registered as a political party with the UK Electoral Commission.  While nothing more than a fringe entity for the time being, I feel a wider debate is needed on the impact of adding this particular brand of nationalism to NI politics.

For one, the step marks the departure of FF from their somewhat token ‘joint-government’ neutrality stance.  No longer can the party claim to play an effective part in any bilateral arrangements, as they are now one of the protagonists within NI itself.

The Conservative and Unionist New Force has been the centre of much debate within unionist circles.  Many commentators have speculated on a seemingly analogous linkup between the SDLP and Fianna Fail.  In reality such an arrangement would be highly contradictory, especially so for the Social Democratic and Labour Party.

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